Why Us?

Why Us? 

Here is what we can offer you that an agency can't:


We are creatives for clients. We come to work with you. Like, in your office. And we work together toward a common goal. Feedback is in real-time. As well as pivots in direction. This is about building great creative for your brand, that’s on-strategy and very much on-time. We accomplish this by working together as a team and forgoing the lag-time that’s typical in traditional agency/client relationships.


We are creatives, so we’re not going to get too deep into the money conversation. But we can tell you that you are being forced to pay for things that maybe you shouldn’t have to. Agency overhead stuff like travel, lunches, bagels and of course the fancy office. Not to mention, the typical agency markups and all the salaries, when quite often, you only need a couple people to get the job done.

We’ve been in way too many meetings filled with people that don’t contribute. You should not have to pay for those non-essential bodies.


It’s “the less cooks in the kitchen” effect. As in, it’s us and you making stuff without a whole lot of people in between. No red-tape. No miscommunication. No inefficiencies. You brief us, and we work together to bring that brief to life. End of story.

We know that sometimes you need to supplement the work your agency-of-record is doing, with say, better work. You can’t go to another agency because of the mess it would cause. But since we are a freelance team, we can come and help you out. Without the mess. We can even be super stealthy about it, if you wish.

Also, we are aware of the communication problems that exist between agency and client. We can bridge that gap by helping you communicate better and in turn, understand exactly what your agency is trying to help you accomplish. Let’s admit it, sometimes we all just need to speak a common language. Let us be your translator.


It’s quite common that the team that pitches your business, is not actually the team that’s going to work on your business. And we have a problem with that. When you work with Nomads, you work with The Nomads. If we need to bring in any additional talent to complete the task at hand, they will be your people, hired by you. Only, with our recommendation.


We have pitched a lot. We have won some and lost some and we know the game well. As clients, you might not have been involved with as many pitches. You shouldn’t have to. And that’s where we come in. Let us help you navigate the muddy waters during your agency pitch. We can help you evaluate the creative, the strategy, the taglines and so on. Maybe even dig up a little intel for you along the way.


We can make it all. And we can make it cheaper with absolutely no loss in production value. Whether it’s a TV ad, online video, website, banner, experiential experience, social activation, etc… we will gather the right team to get it done right the first time. With no markups.


One of the greatest fears clients have is an ad agency that’s simply in it for the awards, rather than creating great work that benefits and supports the client’s brand. It is our promise that we will not submit anything to award shows unless requested by the client or in partnership with the client. So rest easy, we’re in this together. Our goals are your goals.


Commitment costs money. And doesn’t allow you to make necessary changes when they are absolutely necessary. We are, as our name suggests, Nomads. We are freelancers that can work as much or as little as you see fit. When the job is done, so are we. There are no obligatory long-term contracts.


Latinos are the largest growing demographic and some of the biggest spending consumers. Ad agencies are constantly trying to successfully communicate with this market. Quite often, unsuccessfully. We are directly connected with Latino marketing experts that will help us bridge the gap between your traditional marketing efforts and this extremely large community.