Health-Ade Kombucha

Health Ade is an amazing example of how a great brand book can set the course for, well, every single thing you do as a company. Even securing some major investment. 


Pressed Juicery

One of the Nomads very first clients, Pressed Juicery, tasked us with essentially doing it all. From creating their brand book and advertising, to supporting product launches and changing the way America thinks about cold-pressed juice. 



Nomads is currently on an exciting journey into the healthy, happy and hungry world of Seaweed. Check out some of our initial work we’ve created for this very special brand. So much more to come. 

Aloe Gloe Campaign

Here’s an example of an established brand that came to us without an established look, feel or identity. Take a look at their new look. 

A little Pre-Nomads and Post-Nomads perspective.

New POS to accompany distribution on Coke trucks.

BTW. We love making POS.

Neck tags for NY launch.

Lifestyle poster example.

Swanky PPT template to kill it during meetings.

DTS Sound Unbound Campaign

Created for CES 2016 in Las Vegas:

Our Digital Chops

From brand spanking new websites to apps to digital campaigns, even the ubiquitous Facebook ad, we have loads of experience using the screen to tell your message. 

Masterclass: Digital Campaign

Happiest Baby: Snoo launch site and mobile app.

Hexa: Product Website

Flow Water (it's in a box).

How do you launch a Canadian brand in the US? Well, now we know.